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Driving around the Huachuca Mtns

Saturday, 30 June 2007

Today Cheryl and I went for a drive. We headed southeast, through Sonoita then east to Parker Canyon Lake. The drive out there is quite nice, and much cooler than the temps in Tucson. The trip is an uphill climb over the miles and the scenery changes dramatically - no more sajuaro cactus, no barrel cactus, few prickley pear and choila as well. The land changes to grassland, as well as lots of mesquite trees, sycamore, junipers, oak and pine trees as you go around the mountains.

The trail heading south from the lake connects to the Mexican Border Road. This road is dirt/gravel and in good condition most all year, only closed in snow storms (yes it does snow here). The road runs from the Coronado National Monument visitors center on the east side of the Huachuca Mtns, westward to Nogales. It's a 3 to 5 hour or so drive of around 50 miles.

We stopped at Montezuma Pass where there's a parking lot and restrooms and a closed visitor center. There's a trail to hike to the top of Coronado Peak, only a half-mile, but fairly strenuous. But the view is incredible! Take a look at the pictures in the photo album for some panarama shots and a few of Parker Canyon Lake.

There are many trails to explore out here, some going to old mining camps/ghost towns. Gonna have to spend more time exploring this area, it was a great drive.

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