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New web site server

Friday, 8 December 2006

I am in the process of moving our web site to a new server. After years of running my own server at my home, it has come to this - moving to a hosted server. Why? Because of the really lousy cable service I'm getting. Back in WA we had DSL and it was nearly 100% reliable. Now here in this apartment we have cable, which is fine for TV, but not for hosting a web site. First problem was I had a home service account, and the cable company doesn't allow web servers on a home account - they block ports 80 and 8080, so one cannot run a home web server. Does the phone company do that on DSL accounts? No. Anyway, to get the home server working on the web I had to upgrade from home service to business service, which of course, costs more. How has the service been? Really bad. In just 4 months the cable company tech has been here to replace the modem 3 times and I've spent countless hours on the phone with other techs. The site has probably been down as much as it has been up.

So I finally decided enough is enough, and contacted a hosting company, and am now in the process of moving my site to a hosting company server. Now I have to deal with disk space limits, bandwidth limits, database limits, no shell access, no directory deleting using 'rm -rf' (which really simplifies things when removing full directories). The restrictions are a bit ridiculous, but they do it to make sure their servers are secure. I understand that. It's just a pain to have to deal with all that after years of not having any of those issues with my own web server here at home.

Oh well, looks like I've got everything up except the gallery (photo album), which I am working on. It's just been a bit painful because of the aforementioned restrictions. Hopefully when our house is built and we're finally in it, I will be able to have my web site back on my own server, there is no cable out where we are building, but there is DSL.

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