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Finally feels like winter, Cheryl is now working

Wednesday, 29 November 2006

It finally feels like winter here in Tucson - last weekend we were out hiking up Mount Tumamoc on a beautiful sunny and warm day, then a couple days later the high is below 60 degrees. And the wind is quite cold, has a bite to it that reminds me of the winter winds back up in western WA.

Cheryl started working on Monday for First Magnus. I don't know her exact title but she has something to do with mortgages or titles or some such, heheh, I just don't recall right now. Anyway, it's nice she's back working again.

The architect is in the final stages of our new house drawings. We're getting excited to get started on the building project.

I recieved a new racing sim recently - Race: WTCC. It's really cool - it's a simulator that follows the World Touring Car Championship races. As for the league I am driving in I am currently 9th in the GT-Open class (I drive a Ferrari F360 in that series), and in the GT-I (Invitation only) series I drive the Morgan and am currently 10th. We have one race left in the current season - at Spa in Belguim, and it'l be 3 hours of sim racing! I hope to finish the race, in any position. I'd hate to finish the season with a DNF.

Looking forward to season 4 of sim racing and running the WTCC races. Those cars are a blast - front wheel drive sport coupes. If you aren't familiar with the WTCC check out their web site (also the BTCC, British Touring Car Championship).

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