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House plans coming along just fine

Thursday, 7 September 2006

This last week we got the preliminary drawings from the architect, and they look good. A couple small changes from my original drawings, but he is the professional, and I'm not. So now he's working up some minor changes for us, and looks like things are progressing fine.

The job is good, quite busy. The auto auction is a fun and exciting place to work. For example - this week I ran a full system save, which is done at the end of each month, and it appeared to not finish successfully. I had been at the office for this save from 6:30pm till 10:30pm. When it finished and didn't prompt for a second tape (as I expected it to), and the log file showed numerous errors, I was quite PO'd, of course. So I put the normal daily backup tape in the drive and went home. The next morning about the same time my alarm woke me up, I got a call from the corporate help desk - "We can't access your AS/400", good morning! So it's off to work immediately to find out there had been a power outage for 10 minutes or more a few hours before. The AS/400, an appliance server, and the console PC all were down (off), yet plugged into a UPS. The UPS wasn't providing power. So then to get the servers back up I plug them into the wall and the company is working again. So now to get a UPS - I found one in storage, in an unopened box (the previous SysAdmin ordered it but never used it). That is sitting there charging up right now, so it's off to the office again tonight to shut down the systems and plug them into the new UPS.

Then I find out the backup log that I read as showing the backup failed, actually shows some subsystems didn't fire up properly, ones we don't make use of anyway. The corporate AS/400 admin told me about a differant log, which shows the backup did complete successfully. That left one more question - why only 1 tape, the previous full system save required 2 tapes. There answer - We don't know, that's just how it worked out this time.

So things are going well, work is fun, life is good. Have a good one!

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