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Finally - I'm back online

Tuesday, 23 August 2006

Sheesh! First off - when I first relocated to Tucson I left my web server back in Seattle (on a dsl connection), until I could get set up on the net here in Tucson (on cable). Well, I finally did that in mid-July. I got the server up and running and thought it was working fine. When I connect to it on my own lan it worked, I was happily updating the blog, but low and behold! It wasn't accessible from the net!

When I was talking to the cable sales guy on the phone I explained to him that I have this server, would it be accessible on the web? He said Sure It Would, No Problem. Haw! Don't you believe a word of it! So, to get it web-accessible what do I have to do? I had to upgrade from home internet service to business internet service! What a racket!

The cable company blocks ALL incoming ports. I turned off my firewall, shared some folders, apparently had no protection on my home network. Then I went off to a site that runs port scans and it came back with ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING BLOCKED! Why do I even need a firewall on cable internet? That really STINKS! And of course they can't just open the one port, port 80, for me, so my web server would be accessible. Not even if I paid extra. They just can't do that.

Ok, so that's all done and over with. I'm back online completely, and everything is working fine. I had to vent somewhere, and this is as good a place as any. Now it's time to get back to work.

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