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Politics, coffee, and an update from David

June 18, 2016

Here are my thoughts about the current state of affairs in the US and an update from David (at the end of the blog).

What on earth is happening up there in the US?

Trump is a man out of his mind. Clueless about anything that has to do with politics and running a country, has no idea what foreign policy is, and has many unrealistic ideas of what he will do as the President, none of which are actually possible. Just look at his "policies" on his web site (I have), they're ridiculous. You people who support Trump, still support him after all the crap that has come out of his mouth? You still support that guy? How? I find it mind-boggling that anybody can support him. He is not going to "make America great again". He will sink it, like a ship hit by a torpedo.

McCain, who in the past has not been a supporter of Trump, sided with Trump, they both accused Obama of being directly responsible for the shooting in Florida. Then a few hours later McCain retracted that a little. Now McCain is being tied to Trump, who said of McCain "He's not a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren't captured". Seriuosly? What kind of thing is that to say about a veteran? Any veteran? Two rivals being spoken about together. I'm sure McCain is really happy about that.

And Hilary for president? With all her legal baggage? Seriously? Yes, she is certainly more qualified for the job, but honestly…

Just use your write-in privilege and fill in that blank on the ballot with Donald Duck, or Mickey Mouse, or your mothers name, or your own name.

The Florida shooting. Once again, a US citizen, not a illegal immigrant, is killing other fellow citizens. The worst mass shooting in the history of the country. An illegal? No. A religious zealot? No. Just a guy who flipped out, went off the deep end. And since he is dead the reasons why will never be known. And what does Trump say when he tweets after the shooting? He says Look, I was right! Aren't I great? Congratulations to me! Thank you for your congratulations, to me! OMG! What was he thinking? Apparently, in his mind, he is the only person in the world that matters; the only person who has any importance, anywhere. And then he uses the shooting as another excuse for not allowing any Muslim people into the country. Why? The shooter was a US citizen. Get a clue Trump!

Another possible shooting is foiled in Texas just a couple days after Florida shooting. So go ahead and give everybody in the country a gun and let them all just shoot themselves into oblivion.

Trump and Clinton have the lowest ratings, based on the latest polls this past week, ever recorded in the history of polling before an election. Don't believe me? Look at the ABC News/Washington Post poll - Trump is showing only 29% favorable rating. And in the Bloomberg poll he is at 31%. The Gallup poll also shows him at 31%; and the Marquette Law School poll shows a dismal 26% favorable rating. A few months ago, during the debates, Trump was always, in every single debate, bragging about his poll numbers. What happened Trump? You're not bragging about your numbers anymore.

What about Clinton's numbers? The ABC News/Washington Post poll and the Bloomberg poll both show her with a favorable rating of 43%.

Those numbers are absolutely pathetic when compared to previous years polls, which were considered very bad. For example, in 2012 Mitt Romney had a favorable rating of 46%; in 1998 John McCain was at 40%. In 2004 John Kerry was at 58% according to the Gallup poll at the time. And it goes on. Comparing the numbers for Trump and Clinton today to the past low numbers shows just how unpopular these two are in the US.

Why do Trump supporters support Trump? I can see only one possible reason - he tells it the way it is. Simply put - he is not politically correct. He gives his opinion no matter what anyone else thinks about it. After all, he is not qualified in any way whatsoever, to be president. Oh, he's rich, he's a successful business man, mostly, but qualified to be the president of the US? No, not in any way at all. So he tells it like it is, he is politically incorrect, and the public of the US loves that about him. They, the Trump supporters, appear to think that that is all one needs to be president. And they are willing to stake their own future, their children's future, the future of the US, on that one characteristic. Unbelievable!

If you read any of my previous blogs you will notice that this is the first time I have made any comments in regards to the politics in the US. I am fed up with all the crap I read on the various news web sites.

Why on earth would anybody want to emmigrate to the US? People, just look at the news once in a while. Get up-to-date on current events. Then tell me you want to go to the US. And I'll ask you - why? What can you possibly want from that place? I hava a life equal to the life I lived in the US, and I live in Colombia, a developing nation, which means it is supposed to have less to offer. Well guess what? We have everything here that they have up there. And more freedom. More personal freedom. And that beats all.

Today's blog has quite a few idioms and figures of speech, which some of my readers will find confusing, because the google translator will not translate them properly. You guys can contact me if you find anything I've written totally confusing. That is the reason I don't often use idioms and figures of speech in my blogs.

In a previous blog I wrote about a coffee I found here called Al Amir. I wrote about how good it is, and I decided it was my new favorite coffee. After I finished all of it I could not buy anymore because it was not available in any stores. That company is very small and apparently exports much, if not most, of their coffee to China, leaving the local markets with very little. And at this time, none at all. So I bought a different brand - Matiz. I bought the Balanceado (balanced) type. It was good, after a few times of brewing it. I had to figure out how much of the coffee grounds to put in the coffee maker. The taste is of a very toasted coffee bean. I had to add crushed cinnamon sticks to it to make it good for my taste. But once I got the the correct amount of coffee grounds and cinnamon figured out I decided it was good, just not as good as Al Amir.

After finishing the package of Matiz I bought another brand - Dorigenn. This coffee I thought was better tasting, it was smoother, not the strong roasted flavor of the Matiz. But I like the added flavor of cinnamon, so I added some crushed cinnamon stick to it, and it was good. But, still not as good as the Al Amir.

All of these coffee's I have tried are 100% Colombian, and single origin, coffees. If you can find any of them in your local area, I recommend you try them.

And now for the update from David, which is good news -

"hey dad how are you. whats new. i bet it has been crazy down there since the col. soccer team beat usa. am i right. well i switched jobs last month. now i am on a smaller crew and we do special project things. such as installing culverts, fish pipes, re-planking bridges. basically working around big machines. i guess you could say i am like a state worker now. you know one of those guys in a orange vest leaning on a shovel next to a excavator. i like it . it is a nice change from swinging a chainsaw all day everyday. but for real, i dont lean on a shovel all day, only now and then, there is a lot of manual work involed, running compactors and moving rocks by hand. any ways thats it for now, write me back, love david. ps on 6/25 i am one year away from release and 6 months away from work release."

So, in 6 months he will be out on work release, Yay! the end is in sight for him. I'm so glad he will be out of prison, finally. I hope and pray that I will be able to come up there to see him and Austin and my family and friends next year. But I won't know until that time comes.

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