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Don't Take Anything Personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be the victim of needless suffering.

Don Miguel Ruiz

Happy New Year!

December 31, 2015

Hello to everyone! Happy new year to you all!

"Tomorrow is the first page of a 365 page book. Write a good one." - Brad Paisley.

I like that quote. I started my new book two and a half years ago, and no, it hasn't been all wine and roses, but I love my new life. I am sitting here in my little apartment, the front and back doors wide open and a very pleasant Caribbean breeze blowing through, drying my laundry hanging in the patio. It's a beautiful sunny 86 degrees right now, about 5pm, and I'm sipping on a wonderful café con canela (coffee with cinnamon). I know many of my family and friends are suffering with snow and freezing temps, but, well, I don't miss that at all! :) I look forward to an even better 2016 and whatever the good Lord above has in store for me, I welcome it with open arms.

If you start to write your new book, or just turn a new page, I hope you have a fantastic and wonderful life, something more than just the daily grind, humdrum life that is all too common. I hope everyone gets to enjoy some adventure in 2016, something interesting to write about in their life story. I hope that if you do get the opportunity you will take it in both hands and go with it all the way through whatever it has for you.

Happy new year, and I hope the best for all my family, relatives, and friends in the USA and here in Colombia. God bless you all! And have a great 2016!

Well, that's about all for now. I do keep my website updated at least once a month, and have been posting pictures of Barranquilla in the photo album.

Till next time - Chao!

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