Finally feels like winter, Cheryl is now working

Nov 29, 2006

Snow in Tucson is very rare, this is January 2007.

It finally feels like winter here in Tucson - last weekend we were out hiking up Mount Tumamoc on a beautiful sunny and warm day, then a couple days later the high is below 60 degrees. And the wind is quite cold, has a bite to it that reminds me of the winter winds back up in western WA.

House plans coming along just fine

Sept 7, 2006

Finally - I'm back online

Aug 23, 2006

The Catalina Hwy outside of Tucson.

Sheesh! First off - when I first relocated to Tucson I left my web server back in Seattle (on a dsl connection), until I could get set up on the net here in Tucson (on cable). Well, I finally did that in mid-July. I got the server up and running and thought it was working fine. When I connect to it on my own lan it worked, I was happily updating the blog, but low and behold! It wasn't accessible from the net!