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The proof reader finished, I updated the bits she suggested changing, and the final draft is being read by another person for the first time.

Dec 30, 2021 - I visited Tuluá again and got some more pics, check out the photo album for 17 new pics of Tuluá, Colombia.

Photo album works again

Dec 12, 2006

Photo album now online

Dec 11, 2006

New web site server

Dec 8, 2006

Finally feels like winter, Cheryl is now working

Nov 29, 2006

Snow in Tucson is very rare, this is January 2007.

It finally feels like winter here in Tucson - last weekend we were out hiking up Mount Tumamoc on a beautiful sunny and warm day, then a couple days later the high is below 60 degrees. And the wind is quite cold, has a bite to it that reminds me of the winter winds back up in western WA.

House plans coming along just fine

Sept 7, 2006