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San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park

Feb 12, 2008
The San Diego Wild Animal Park.

We recently made a trip to San Diego for a few days, and visited the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park. As well as a quick visit to Cabrillo National Monument. There are around 200 pictures in the Photo Album from this trip, take a look.

On our first full day in San Diego we visited the San Diego Zoo. It's about 100 acres of incredible hiking, so give yourself plenty of time to see it all.

They have tour buses, you can pay an extra fee for a tour of the zoo if you don't want to walk, and it's a lot of walking. We were there for about 6 hours and I think we saw everything. Any less time than that, by foot, you wouldn't be able to see it all. Unless you run from one exhibit to the next. Lots of pictures in the photo album.

That same evening we visited the Cabrillo National Monument, lots of history there. The original lighthouse, which is open so you can walk through and see how it was when it was operating. Also visited the rocky shore on this peninsula. There's pics in the photo album.

Then the next day we were at the Wild Animal Park. We really enjoyed this place - the animals are allowed to roam around freely, with only a couple exceptions - the lions are seperated in their own area, the tigers also. There's a seperate area for the elephants as well. They have a tram you can ride through the park and learn about the animals and their natural habitat. Well worth the extra cost. This park has around 2000 acres, about half of which is currently developed and in use. Lots of beautiful birds from all around the world, the Lorikeets are lots of fun, make sure you walk through their aviary when you visit. I think we were here for around 5 hours, and needed all of that to see everything. Probably could've been there even longer if we weren't getting a bit worn from all the walking here and at the zoo the previous day.

If you get to San Diego you have to include the Zoo and the Wild Animal Park in your visit, they're both fantastic places.

Recent vist to Organ Pipe National Park and more

Jan 3, 2008
Cheryl and I at Organ Pipe National Park.

We just visited Organ Pipe National Pipe yesterday, there are pics in the Photo Album, check 'em out. We drove the shorter of the two loop drives, and the one that is said to be the more scenic. What a fantastic place, the organ pipe cactus are something you just have to see. We'll have to go back and spend a little more time exploring the hiking trails and the longer loop.

On the home building front - we did finally get the original plans from the first architect we contracted with, but he flaked out on us. Took me several months to get the plans from him. Now we have the plans and are working with Greenovative Solutions to finish the work and get us started on building our home.

I haven't been out off-roading lately - I gave the Ranger to my son and bought a Cherokee. I want to do a bit of work to the Cherokee to make it even more trail-worthy, such as a lift-kit first of all. I already rejplaced the original bumpers with some really cool tube bumpers. And I have new rims for bigger and wider tires for after the lift-kit job is done. The Cherokee, as it is now is only capable of some easy off-roading.

I build a web site for a 4x4 shop here in Tucson, check it out if you're into 4x4'ing - .

Me on the old Muelle (dock)

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