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March 17, 2020
Where the blue meets the blue, and the white comes and goes

The blue is endless,
until it touches the other blue.
The white fluffs come and go,
Sliding across the blue.
The other white fluffs come and go also,
sliding through the other blue.

I'm mesmerized.
I stare, my mind is finally quiet.
I can think of something I haven't thought of in a long time.
The breeze brushes my skin,
and the warmth of the yellow warms me within.
I'm hypnotized.
I pause.

Remembering what happened is sad,
but it reminds me of the importance of living each day.
Living each day is not just living from one day to the next,
It's more than that.
It's taking it in, into your innermost places.
It's pausing and thinking,
what can I do to help make this world a little better today?
It's putting into action your dreams,
it's not living the same old nightmare day in and day out.
I never get tired of doing something positive.
Something that helps the world be a better place.
The feeling of accomplishment runs deep into my heart.

The day my life changed
it wasn't just about that day, or that time, of my life.
It was to change all of my life.
There's no point in wishing life could be as it once was.
Those sands have blown away
and the land has taken on a new shape.
The new shape is just a satisfying as the old,
just in a different way.

I watch the small dark shapes glide gently through the blue.
I watch the brown, black, and white shapes scamper
through the browns and tans and greys.
I feel the warmth of the yellow in the blue,
warming my skin as it's supposed to do.
I'm captivated.
I'm wondering.
This amazing site is unfolding before me,
I'm thinking.
I'm remembering,
and smiling.
None of that beauty,
none of the beauty of our lives,
lasts forever.

My memories also make me sad,
knowing I will never again have what I once had.
But that is in the past,
there's nothing I can do about it now.
I can smile because I remember what I had.
I smile because I see there is still so much
beauty to be experienced.

I hope you can take some time,
time for yourself,
be alone,
think, notice things around you,
let the yellow above, in the blue, warm your skin.
Where the blue meets the blue,
where the greens and browns meet the blue.
Where the blue water meets the blue sky.
Where the white frothy tops of waves float across the blue water.
Where the white puffy clouds float through the blue sky above.
I hope you can take some time,
Some time to be alone,
On a mountainside,
Watching the hawks floats on the winds in the blue above.
On a boulder high on the side of a valley,
watching the rabbits and deer in the meadows below.
I hope you can take some time to be mesmerized,
to stare,
to think,
to wonder.
To be thankful for what you have, your life.

International Women's Day

March 8, 2020
My late wife Cheryl with her systers Debbie and Patti and their mother Gloria and Debbies daughter Nicole, in 2003

Today is International Women's Day, and I hope you have an excellent day and evening.

Some of my favorite people are women, what would this world be without women? :)

I honestly do hope your day has been great, relaxing, fun; with family or without; alone or with many others I hope you have been appreciated by those around you, if not, know this - I appreciate you, I appreciate your friendship and your thoughts. You mean a lot to this world we live in, more than you can imagine. My thoughts, prayers, friendship goes out to you on this day set aside especially for women, all women of all colors, all nationalities, all religions. If I could give you a hug right now I would hold you in my arms, let you rest your head on my shoulders, and you could feel content, wanted, desired, and needed.

To all women I want to say this: Thank you for your support and love, your care and understanding, your compassion and heart. Thank you, I appreciate you all.

( haga clic en el botón Más para mi versión en español, correcta o no, ahí está ;) )

(Espero mi espanol es bien) :)

Hoy es el Día Internacional de la Mujer, y espero que tengan un excelente día y noche.

Algunas de mis personas favoritas son mujeres, qué sería de este mundo sin mujeres? :)

Sinceramente, espero que su día haya sido genial, relajante, divertido; con familia o sin ella; solo o con muchos otros, espero que haya sido apreciado por quienes lo rodean, si no, sepa esto: lo aprecio, aprecio su amistad y sus pensamientos. Significas mucho para este mundo en el que vivimos, más de lo que puedes imaginar. Mis pensamientos, oraciones, amistad, están con ustedes en este día reservado especialmente para mujeres, todas las mujeres de todos los colores, todas las nacionalidades, todas las religiones. Si pudiera darte un abrazo ahora mismo, te abrazaría, te dejaría descansar la cabeza sobre mis hombros y podrías sentirte contento, deseado, deseado y necesitado.

A todas las mujeres quiero decirles esto: gracias por su apoyo y amor, su cuidado y comprensión, su compasión y corazón. Gracias, los aprecio a todos.

Me on the old Muelle (dock)

Chip Wiegand

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I teach english as a foreign language in Colombia. I'm from Kennewick, Washington, USA. In my previous life, as I call it, I was an IT guy, systems administrator, computer tech, as well as a shipping/receiving guy and also worked as a merchandising guy for a year for a camping/RV accessories store.

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Daniel(Barranquilla, Colombia)

Hola Chip.

Quisiera conocer tu hoja de vida o ponernos en contacto para darte información acerca de un acuerdo de trabajo, si estas interesado espero tu respuesta.

Quedo Atento


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